Best Driving Songs – Top Long Drive Songs – Greatest Hits of All Time

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Best Driving Songs List

Get motivation from the Top Driving Songs. Driving is one of the most popular hobbies that people often have. People go on long drives with their friends and companions out of fun. Long drive songs are very popular among the people. People often sing driving songs as they find it very enjoyable indeed. However, these songs often contain happy as well as sad themes as both joy and sadness are the parts of human life. Listeners enjoy all types of driving songs as they are composed well and are melodious as well.

Best Driving songs List 2014

These songs are composed and sung in almost all languages. They contain more or less same ideas and themes. However, the songs in English are listened to from all parts of the world and that is why they are more popular than the driving songs in any other language. These songs are composed and sung by the most reputed composers and singers in English. Some of the all-time greatest driving songs in English include the songs like ‘Stuck in the Middle with You’ (1963), Get outta My Dream, Get into my Car (1988), ‘Drive My Car’ (1966), and ‘Take It Easy’ (1973).

List of Best Driving Songs – Top Greatest Long Drive Songs 2014

A Change Is Gonna Come –  Sam Cooke
Groovin – The Young Rascals
Coming Home – Alex Lloyd
One Perfect Day – The Little Heroes
The One And Only – Chesney Hawkes
Wouldn’t It Be Nice – The Beach Boys
One Perfect Day – The Little Heroes
Nowhere Without You – Bob Evans
Into The Mystic – Van Morrison
Joyride – Roxette – Driving Songs
The Last Of The Famous – Morrissey
Walking On Sunshine – Katrina & The Waves
Here I Go Again’87 – Whitesnake
I’m Gonna Be – The Proclaimers
Out Of Mind Out Of Sight – Models
Friday On My Mind – Gary Moore
The One And Only – Chesney Hawkes
Little Deuce Coupe – The Beach Boys
Road To Nowhere – Talking Heads
Nowhere Without You – Bob Evans
We Don’t Need Another Hero – Tina Turner
Teenage Dream – Katy Perry
The Passenger – Iggy Pop
Motor’s Too Fast – James Reyne
Like A Rolling Stone –  Bob Dylan
Road To Nowhere – Talking Heads
Little Deuce Coupe – The Beach Boys
The Last Of The Famous – Morrissey
The Weight – The Band – Driving Songs

As far as the most popular composers and singers of these beautiful driving songs are concerned, it includes individual performers and bands or groups. Stealers Wheel, Beatles, Billy Ocean, and John Mellencamp are some of the most accomplished names. However, these names are not all.

Top Driving Songs List

The list is very rich and it includes endless songs and composers. People can find enjoyable greatest long drive songs at their nearest music shop. However, the Internet is the endless treasure of these songs.  Many websites offer these songs free. However, song lovers would never mind paying a little in order to get the best driving songs.

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