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Best African Songs List

Africa, being the second largest continent in the world has a very long and rich history of folk and traditional music. The traditional African songs usually narrate stories of great warriors with vibrant drum beats that forms an essential part of the lives of people. African folk songs are believed to be the oldest in existence of humankind and narrate various epics, folklores, poems of joy and sorrow that have been a part and parcel of human existence.

Top African Songs List 2015

African Folk music
Popular African songs are based on the daily life activities of the people and the emotions they go through in their day to day lives. Traditional African songs involve the use of local instruments and popular rhythms. Best African Songs are popular throughout the world and is played in ceremonies like child birth, marriages, auspicious occasions like religious festivals, national ceremonies, etc. Enjoy the List of Best African Songs.

Best African Songs List – Top 10 Songs – Popular African Folk Music

  • Paint Is Black
  • AKA ‘victory lap
  • The Gaylads
  • Drums & Percussion
  • Igor Presnyakov
  • NaetoC ft Asa Share “My Blessings”
  • Savin’ All My Love
  • Omawumi ‘If You Ask Me’
  • Mauritania
  • Darey ‘The Way You Are’
  • 6-jossy
  • P-Squared  ft 2face idibia ‘Possibilities’
  • 5-amanecer
  • Iceprincezamani ft Brymo  Oleku
  • Sam Mangwana -Ya Mbemba
  • M.I Feat brymo ‘action film’
  • Toto – Afrika
  • Nothende ‘celebrate’
  • Habib Koité – Wassiye
  • Wizkid ‘Tease Me’
  • Lets star
  • Sasha ft Brymo ‘Ma Wo Be’
  • Girls Gone Mild (Original Mix)
  • Kwesta ‘Babhemi’
  • Light My Fire -Light My Fire
  • D’banj ft SnoopDogg  Mr endowed
  • African Pounding Song
  • John Coltrane
  • Professor ft Speedy ‘Lento’
  • Chill Out music
  • Dope G ‘Dear Future’
  • Caspa & Rusko
  • Nyore ft 2faceidibia ‘Mumu Button
  • Louie Louie – Ode To Billy Joe
  • You Take Advantage Of Me
  • Jozi ‘Elektric Avenue’
  • Hypersweat (Original Mix)

more songs would be added in the list of best African songs.

African drumming songs form the most important part of the folk and contemporary music and makes use of instruments like banjo. Beats are a very essential part of music here and its rhythm denote the feel of the music. Folk music has given the world best African songs and educates the world about the culture and mythology of African mainland.


World influence on African music
African music is the most dynamic and incorporating music in the world that has been influenced by many European, Asian and American cultures because of its history. The instruments, styles and creative fusion of pop and folk music are the base of contemporary African music. African dance songs are characterized by their energy and vibrance.

The rap culture has earned huge praise in modern urban cities of Africa and top African songs today rank high on international music chats as well. You can choose Top 10 African songs from the list and these songs could be downloaded to a CD and gifted to someone of  keep with you as a collection. Hope you must enjoyed the list of  Best African Songs.

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