Best Brazilian Movies – Top 10 Greatest Hot Movies 2015

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Best Brazilian Movies List

Best Brazilian Movies Brazilian cinema took some time to fortify itself as a popular form of entertainment and recreation. Due to funds and incentives, Brazilian film industry has gone through lots of ups and downs. During the 1920s, film production of Brazil thrived throughout the several regions of the country. The old movies of Brazilian era are Ganga Bruta, chanchada and O Ébrio.

Best Brazilian Movies List 2015

Films around 1980s were perceived somewhat vague, it was criticized for its bureaucracy and much of the work of this period was produced because of its existence. In the mid nineties the Brazilian film industry saw a great increase in the film production. Carlota Joaquina – Princess of Brazil was a comedy film. O Quatrilho, Central Station and City of God were films which won Academy awards. O Invasor was the best film of that time. Carandiru, O Homem Que Copiava Abril Despedaçado and Madame Satã were the films which attracted attention of the audiences. Here is the list of few Best Brazilian Movies.

List of Best Brazilian Movies – Top 10 Greatest Hot Movies

City of God – 2002
The Middle of the World – 2003
Elite Squad: The Enemy Within – 2010
Central Station) – 1998
City of Men – 2007
The Given Word – 1962
Sons of Francisco – 2005
Vidas Secas – 1964
Cinema, Aspirins and Vultures – 2005
A Dog’s Will – 2000
Entranced Earth – 1967
Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands – 1976
Rio – 2011
To the Left of the Father – 2001
Four Days in September – 1997
Bye Bye Brazil – 1980
Carlota Joaquina – 1995
Pixote – 1981
Macunaima – 1969
Gabriela – 1983
Lisbela and the Prisoner – 2003
Regular Folk 2 – 2009
Two Rabbits – 2012
Basic Sanitation – 2007
Bollywood Dream – 2010
My Uncle Killed a Guy – 2004
Captains of the Sands -2011
The Man of the Year – 2003
The Man from the Future – 2011
The Assailant 2009
The Xango from Baker Street – 2001
Four for None – 2004
Lost & Found – 2005
My Name Ain’t Johnny – 2008
Up Against Them All – 2003
Black God, White Devil – 1964
God is Brazilian – 2003
Cazuza – Time Doesn’t Stop – 2004
Netto Loses His Soul – 2001
The Year My Parents Went on Vacation – 2006
Killed the Family and Went to the Movies – 1991

The film industry of Brazil is a taste for social and political criticism, reflecting strong influences. Brazilian movies industry has now become more audience friendly and is appreciated as well as has proved to be prodigious. Tropa de Elite, Xuxa Popstar, Eu Não Conhecia Tururu and Bossa Nova are a few movies which worked well in the 2000s. Movies like A Festa de Margarette, Banda de Ipanema – Folia de Albino, Garrincha – Estrela Solitária, Os Normais and Viva Voz are a few best movies of brazilian film industry.

Top Brazilian Movies

List of Best Brazilian Movies continues…
Bicho de Sete Cabeças, Central Station, Woman on Top, Deus e o Diabo na Terra do Sol and Terra em Transe are the best movies of Brazilian film industry. A few recent films of Brazil are Heleno, Abismo Prateado, Santos – 100 anos de Futebol Arte, Quem se importa and Prova de Artista. These films have acquired appraisal. Thanks for being with us for List of best Brazilian Movies.

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