Best Remix Songs – Top New Latest DJ Dance Party Remix Songs

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Latest Remix Songs

The term ‘Remix’ stands for something new that has got its existence by editing and modifying the original one. In the most befitting manner, the remix songs stand for the edited and recreated songs where the old and popular songs are used as the base songs. The new remix songs are actually the recreated versions of the old songs that have been popular among the people. However, these new remix songs do not vary from the original songs as far as the original tune is concerned.

Best Remix Songs List 2015

The popular remix songs are edited in a very clever way where the music composers do not change the basic tune of the base song. However, they add a few new words in different styles and patterns. However, the composition of the music becomes a little faster than the original songs. The effect of the louder beats can be noticed very clearly. Essentially, these songs are not meant for the people who love music of slow beat. These popular remix songs are perfect for parties where lots of people can find their legs following the tunes quite automatically.

List of Top Latest Remix Songs – Best Songs for DJ Dance Party

Somebody That I Used To Know – Gotye (4FRNT Electro Remix)
Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepsen (Remix)
Love You Better – The Maccabees (Russell Lissack Remix)
Stellar – Armin Van Buuren Pres. Gaia (DNS Project Remix)
It Don’t Move Me – Peter Bjorn & John (Miike Snow remix)
Heute Nacht – Housebatze (RobKay Remix)
Boyfriend – Justin Bieber (Joe Gauthreaux & Peter Barona Remix)
We Are Young – Fun. Feat. Janelle Monae (Alvin Risk Remix)
Animal – Ke$ha (Lanxodt Remix Edit)
Heartbreak Scorsese – Snob Scrilla (’96 Bulls Remix)
Let me give you more – Molella (Jerma Club mix)
Do You Wanna Dance – Dj Zkydriver (Malu Project Remix)
Last Friday Night – Katy Perry (Carlos Cid & Greg Bahary Club Mix)
Radar – Britney Spears (Bloodshy & Avant Remix)
Not Gonna Teach Him – Black Kids Feat. Lil Wayne (The Twelves Kickmix)
Shooting Star – Lmfao (Party/Rock Remix)
How We Do (Party) – Rita Ora (Jumpsmokers Remix)
Where Have You Been – Rihanna (Hardwell Club Mix)
Marry You – Cold Luv (B & W Remix Edit)
Freak It Out – Leventina (Original Mix)
On The Floor – Jennifer Lopez (Salt And Fire Club Mix)
Never Miss A Beat – Kaiser Chiefs (cut copy remix)
Everybody Knows – John legend (RAC Mix)
If U Seek Amy – Britney Spears (Weird Tapes Club Mix)
We Found Love – Rihanna Feat. Calvin Harris (Alessio Silvestro Remix)
Never Miss A Beat – Kaiser Chiefs (cut copy remix)
If U Seek Amy – Britney Spears (Weird Tapes Club Mix)
Payphone – Maroon 5 (sex Ray Vision Remix)
Go Go Go Go! – 89ers (Ti-Mo Remix)
On The Floor – Jennifer Lopez (Salt And Fire Club Mix)
Love You Better – The Maccabees (Russell Lissack Remix)

Basically, these remix songs are identified by the DJs who are closely related with these recreated music. The popular DJs like DJ Akil, DJ Maza, and many others have contributed a lot in this line of music. They can prepare the remixed version of the old popular music from any language. This includes Hindi songs, Punjabi Songs, and many other songs which the DJs have converted in their own style.  Whatever be the reason, the best remix songs are accepted as the high-voltage music arrangement that automatically take people to the dance floor.  At present, the popular remix songs are available in the open market and the lovers of these songs can visit there and get their own copy at a moderate pricing.

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