Best Victory Songs List – Top Winner Songs – New Achievement Songs

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Best Victory Songs List

Get Inspired by the Powerful Victory Songs. Life has two face- joy and sadness and everyone has to face these two faces. Victory is certainly an inseparable part of the happier part of life that brings inspirations for success. Very often, the joyous feelings of the heart come out in the form of verses and that is what we call Victory Songs.  There is no doubt that these songs inspire us to strive harder for victory in all battles of life. Certainly they make us feel satisfied by our efforts that bring success or victory.

Best Victory Songs List

As victory can be expressed in songs of all languages, so the listeners can find inspirational victory songs in almost all languages in the world. The music composers, singers and lyricists in English language have done quite a remarkable job to create some great Victory songs. The songs like ‘Ad Victoriam’, ‘Blood is the Price of Glory’, One More Magic Potion’, and ‘The New Dawn’ are some memorable songs that have become immortals due to their fantastic composition. Here is the list of  Best  Winner Songs.

List of Best Victory Songs – Top Winner & New Achievement Songs

The White Stripes, “Seven Nation Army”
Survivor, “Eye of the Tiger”
Paul Engemann, “Push it to the Limit”
Asia, “Heat of the Moment”
MC Hammer, “U Can’t Touch This”
Young MC, “Bust a Move”
Journey, “Don’t Stop Believin”
Stan Bush, “The Touch”
Joe Esposito, “You’re the Best”
Guided By Voices, “Watch Me Jumpstart”
Robyn, “Konichiwa Bitches”
Cake, “The Distance”
Europe, “The Final Countdown”
2Pac, “All Eyez on Me”
Queen, “We are the Champions”
Bill Conti, “Gonna Fly Now (Rocky Theme)”

New songs would be added in the list of Best Victory Songs

The overall effects of these remarkable victory songs are priceless. However, people still find greater amount of inspiration from songs like ‘Deathbringer from the Sky’ and ‘Wanderer.’ Most of these songs are remembered due to their unique quality.

However, the feeling of victory is not limited to any single language in the world. People are largely influenced by the folk songs that often include the heroic deeds of their ancestors or forefathers. These deeds include the stories of wars where they had shown unparallel exploits. These heroic Achievement songs never become old or outdated as they are real source of inspiration for the humans even ages have passed after they were composed or sung for the first time. Actually, these feelings never get older. They remain in the hearts of the human beings forever and ever. Hope you enjoyed the list of  Top Victory Songs.

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