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Latest Egyptian Movies List 2015

Egyptian Cinema refers to the brandishing Egyptian Arabic language film industry based at Cairo. Its holds the annual Cairo International Film Festival ascribed by the International Federation of Film Producers Associations. Egypt tends to be the most productive country in the Middle East in the field of film production as well as the most established media system. Dating back to the 1940s and 1950s are considered as the golden period for the cinema of Egypt.

Latest Egyptian Movies List 2015

Films rejoined to the popular imagination and actors coming up with great talents. By the 1970s the Egyptian films struck equipoise between politics and entertainment. Films like Khalli Balak min Zouzou united music, dance and contemporary fashions into a complete melodrama. Since 1990s, the Egyptian cinema has diversified into different directions. 2003’s Sahar el Layali interlaced stories of four bourgeois couples. 2006, the film Awkat Faragh released which was a social commentary.

List of Latest Egyptian Movies – Best movies

The Best of Times (2004)
Ehna Etaabelna abl keda (2008)
Real Dreams (2007)
Cut and Paste (2006)
678 (2010)
The Gazelle’s Blood (2005)
The Replacement (2009)
Scheherazade Tell Me a Story (2009)
The Yacoubian Building (2006)
Microphone (2010)
Walad w Bent (2010)
Heliopolis (2009)
The Aquarium (2008)
The Baby Doll Night (2008)
Ibrahim Labyad (2009)
Messages from the Sea (2010)
One-Zero (2009)
The Sin (1965
Bentein men misr (2010)
The Traveller (2009)
Oyun la tanam (1981)
Date Wine (1998
Afarit el-asphalt (1996)
As Not to Fly the Smoke (1984)
El Towk Wa El Eswera (1986)
Al-avokato (1984)
Yom mor… yom helw (1988)
The Hunger (1986)
Ahlam Hind we Kamilia (1989)
Mother of the Bride (1964)
The Puppeteer (1989)
Escape (1988)
Kit Kat (1991)
Ice Cream in Gleam (1992)
Land of Fear (1999)
Mercedes (1993)
Closed Doors (1999)
Thalatha ala ettarik (1992)
Khally ballak men ZouZou (1972)

List of Egyptian Movies continues….

Zeyaret el-Sayed el-Rais (1994)
Sleepless Nights (2003)
The Best of Times (2004)
I Love Cinema (2004)
The Yacoubian Building (2006)
The White Rose (1934)
Salama Is Safe (1938)
Lachine, the People’s Hope (1939)
Passion and Revenge (1944)
The Public Prosecutor (1946)
Antar and Ablah (1945)
The Lady’s Puppet (1946)
The Flirtation of Girls (1949)
The Leech (1956)
Our Best Days (1955)
Mustafa Kamel (1953)
The Tough (1957)
Immortal Song (1953)
No Tomorrow (1958)
Raya wa Sekina (1953)
Hassan and Nayima (1959)
The Iron Gate (1958)
Siraa Fil-Wadi (1954)
A Woman on the Road (1958)
Life or Death (1955)
Good Morning (1955)
Between Heaven and Earth (1960)
Bidaya wa nihaya (1961)

Al-Maseer a story set in the 12th century in the Arab-ruled Spanish province, Ayyam El Sadat is an Egyptian biographical film. Ma’ali al Wazir is a fictional drama, El Sefara Fi El Emara is a political comedy, Halim is a musical biographical drama which won recognition at the international festival, Central is a short fiction.

Great Egyptian Movies

At present, the cinema of Egypt is prospering and has diversified into genres which are popular. A few must watch latest films are Genenet al asmak which is a fictional drama, Zay El Naharda which is based on mystery and suspense, Ehki ya shahrazade, Dokkan Shehata and Heliopolis are three fictional dramas while Welaad El Am being action based. Alexandria… New York, Asmaa which is a medical theme based movie, The Best of Times, Real Dreams, 678, The Replacement, Microphone, Scheherazade Tell Me a Story being the top Egyptian movies which have bagged great acknowledgement. Hope you must have enjoyed the list of Egyptian Movies.

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