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Latest Arabic Movies New List

Arabic movies refer to the cinema of Arab World. There is accreted interest in films originating in the Arab world. The films from Lebanon, Morocco, Syria and Tunisia are making wider and extensive rounds in local film festivals. The Arabic cinema is governed by Egyptian movies. Arab movies are honored and showcased in numerous film festivals at different Arab regions.

Arabic MoviesThe Arabic cinema is apportioned in various regions of Arab like Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Egypt, Somaila, Sudan, Syria etc. The major film festivals of Arab are Cairo Film Festival, Dubai International Film Festival, Doha Tribeca Film Festival and Abu Dhabi Film Festival to be among the recent ones. You can watch many arabic movies in english, online. Enjoy the list of Arabic Movies.

List of Best Arabic Movies – New Latest Movies to Watch

1. Bab el hadid – EGY
2. The Message – LIB
3. Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet – PAL
4. Chronique des années de braise – ALG
5. Lion of the Desert – LIB
6. Bidaya wa Nihaya – EGY
7. Beirut, I Love You (I Love You Not) – LEB
8. Adieu Meres – MOR
9. Layali ibn awa – SYR
10. Losing Ahmad – KUW
11. Al-makhdu’un – SYR
12. Al-boom – OMA – Arabic Movies
13. Al Nasser Salah Ad-Din – EGY
14. Ana alati tahmol azouhour ila qabriha – SYR
15. Bint El-Harass – LEB
16. Paradise Now – PAL
17. Al-risâlah – LIB – Arabic Movies

list of top Arabic Movies continues ……….

18. Doaa al-Karawan – EGY
19. Indigènes – ALG
20. Omaret yakobean – EGY
21. Safar barlek – LEB
22. Lamma hikyit Maryam – LEB
23. Asef Ala Al Izaag – EGY
24. Al-ard – EGY
25. Jani gal – IRQ
26. War, Love, God and Madness – IRQ
27. The Sons of Eilaboun – PAL
28. Soleil O – MAU – Best Arabic Movies
29. Death in Gaza – PAL
30. Tears of Gaza – PAL
31. Rassaelle Chafahyia – SYR
32. Siraa Fil-Wadi – EGY
33. Al-zawja al-thaniya – EGY

list of best Arabic Movies continues ……….

34. El kalaa – ALG
35. The Syrian Bride – SYR
36. Freej – UAE
37. Aayesh – SAU
38. Kit Kat – EGY
39. Al-kompars – SYR
40. Bas ya Bahar – KUW
41. Tito – EGY
42. Al-irhab wal kabab – EGY
43. La battaglia di Algeri – ALG
44. Lilly – EGY
45. Frontiers of Dreams and Fears – PAL
46. El gezira – EGY
47. Ghazal Al Banat – EGY
848. Les yeux secs – MOR
49. Beyrouth Al Gharbiyya – LEB
50. Aajami – PAL

More movies coming soon in the List of Arabic Movies.

Sinan Antoon is a movie that takes us on a journey into the hearts of the Iraqis to explore what they think and feel about the post war situation and the complex relationship between US and Iraq. Caramel is a comedy movie about a few Lebanese women. Keda Reda is another comedy about triplets having ditto names but different traits. Separation is a domestic drama set in neoteric Iran, also awarded as the best foreign language film. American Radical is a documentary about a devoted son of holocaust survivor who has been at the center of many obstinate disputations.

New Arabic Movies
Greatest Arabic Movies, Rassaelle Chafahyia: drama, Muhammad: documentary, Death in Gaza: documentary, Bint El-Harass: Musical, War Love Goddess and Madness: documentary and Losing Ahmad: documentary, are a few must watch movies. A Tangled Head, Inner City Story, Against the Law, Wolfs don’t Eat Meat, Beach Bum and Haunted House are a few Arabic action movies. The Well of Deprivation, In the classroom, Goodbye to Yesterday, Gassad and Women’s Game are a few sensuous and passionate movies to view which send shivers down the spine. So you are at the right place for the list of Arabic Movies.

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