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Ancient Egyptian Songs List

Egyptian music has been an important part of Egypt since the ancient times. Instruments to create music in Egypt were created as long ago as pre-dynastic period. Egyptian folk music, which includes the traditional rituals of Sufi dhikr, is the closest contemporary music genre to ancient Egyptian songs. Modern Egyptian music is nothing but the mixture of the indigenous Egyptian music with the likes of Turkish, Arabic and Western elements.

top egyptian songs List 2015Egyptian pop music has become quite important in Egyptian culture since the Nasser era especially among the large youth population of Egypt. Egyptian folk music still gets played during weddings and other traditional festivities. Egyptian music was a way to communicate social and class issues especially in the first quarter of 20th century. Two popular Egyptian pop singers are Amr Diab and Mohamed Mounir. Another important part of Egyptian music is religious music. Mulids which are the celebrations for Muslim and Coptic music are held in Egypt to celebrate the saint of a particular church. The Egyptian flute, called the ney, is commonly played at mulids. Muslim mulids are related to the Sufi zikr ritual.

List of  Popular Old Egyptian Songs

Al Jeel: Ei Yaani – Amr Diab
Al Jeel: Masakeen – Ehab
Balsam Shafee – Khedr
Al Jeel: Ya Ramal – Adel El Musree
Shaabi: Ya Dunnya Ley – Magdy Shabeeni
Al Jeel: Besma – Hanan
Shaabi: Kitab Hayarti – Hassan El Asmar
Al Jeel: Sif Safaa – Mohamed Moneer
Ya Taib El Qalb
Moi et Toi – Abdel Ali Slimani
Shaabi: Mish Haseebak – Hassan El Asmar
Albi Albi
mitl il kizbeh
omri killo
saharounee ilail
Tair, Tair
Shaabi: Yalle Khadak Habibi – Magdy Talaat
By DJ NiloBy DJ Nilo
Allem Alby (DJ Cazlo Remix)
By DJ Nilo
Shaabi: Akhar Saah – Shaaban Abdel Raheen

Popular Egyptian songs are listened to in various countries. There are also various popular Egyptian children songs including ‘Mommy Is Coming’ and ‘Night Has Ended’. Old Egyptian songs were also played in kingdoms. Egypt is a very musical country and it is so because it has been preserving its culture for a long time. Best Egyptian songs include Oum Kalthoum for traditional Arabic music, Mohamed Abdel Wahab for Traditional Arabic music, Hamza El Din for Folk Music and Ali Hassan Kuban for World Music.

Top Egyptian songs also include Abdul Basit ‘Abd us-Samad for Quran Reciting, Abdel Halim Hafez for Traditional Arabic music, Riyad Al Sunbati for Oud Virtuoso and Shaikh Kamil Yusuf Al Bahtimi for Quran Reciting.  Hope you enjoyed the list of  Egyptian Songs.

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