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Best American Songs List 2015

American songs are definitely the most listened and popular songs of the world. From legends like John Denver and Elton John to latest pop sensations like Justin Bieber and Britney Spears, American music has touched the hearts of billions. Top American songs include both old songs like ‘I’ve got a crush on you’ by Ella Fitzgerald and new songs like ‘I Love It’ by Icona Pop.

Top American Songs list 2015
American songs cover all genres namely: Rock, Pop, Metal, Country, R&B,  Hip Hop, Folk, Blues, Classical and Reggae

Best American songs are those which top the charts. Currently these songs include ‘Scream & Shout’, ‘I Love It’, ‘Ho Hey’ and ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’. All American songs are mostly in English. Native American songs are those songs which are sung by Native North Americans. It specifically includes traditional tribal music. Now, apart from the Native North groups, pan-tribal and inter-tribal genres along with Native American sub-genres which include rock, hip hop, film music, blues, classical and reggae along with popular unique songs such as waila or “chicken scratch” exist too.

Top American Songs List – Best Dance Songs 2015

“Another Way Out” – Notes from the Underground
“Everywhere I Go” -Swan Songs
“Bad Town” -Desperate Measures
“Apologize” (Buffalo Bill “Die Young” remix) – American Tragedy Redux
“Believe” -Notes from the Underground
“Black Dahlia” (Buffalo Bill remix)” – Black Dahlia Remixes EP
“Been to Hell” -American Tragedy
“Black Dahlia” – Swan Songs
“Bitches” – Swan Songs Rarities EP
“City” – Swan Songs
“Delish” – Notes from the Underground
“Bottle and a Gun” – Swan Songs
“Apologize”- American Tragedy
“Gangsta Sexy” – American Tragedy
“Bullet” – American Tragedy
“California” -swan Songs
“Christmas in Hollywood” Single
“Another Way Out (Griffin Boice remix)” -Notes from the Underground

List of Top American Songs Continues…

“Circles” – Swan Songs Rarities EP
“Knife Called Lust” – Swan Songs B-Sides EP
“Comin’ In Hot” – American Tragedy
“Lump Your Head” – American Tragedy
“Dead Bite” – Notes from the Underground
“Hear Me Now” – American Tragedy
“I Don’t Wanna Die” – American Tragedy
“Dove and Grenade” – Desperate Measures
“I Am” – Notes from the Underground
“El Urgencia” – Desperate Measures
“From the Ground” – Notes from the Underground
“Everywhere I Go (Castle Renholder remix)” – Desperate Measures
“Glory” – American Tragedy
“Le Deux” – American Tragedy
“Levitate” –  Need for Speed: Shift 2 Soundtrack
“Kill Everyone” – Notes from the Underground

More songs are coming in the list of  Top American Songs.

Famous American songs are sung by singers like Taylor Swift, Adele, Justin Bieber, Alicia Keys and Popular American songs are also sung by singers like Jay Sean, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, Carly Ray Jepsen and John Mayer. You just have to decide which the ones for you are. Great American songs are also sung by amazing popular bands like Greenday, Black Eyed Peas, The Wanted, Guns & Roses and also Linkin Park.

American dream songs are the songs which are sung by singers for whom these songs fulfilled their American dream of being successful. It might be a long time before somebody other than America would achieve what great American singers have. Thanks for being with us for Top American Songs.

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