Top Arabic Songs List for Kids – Best Arabic Sad Songs

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Top Arabic Songs List

Arabian songs offer an amazing amalgamation of various historical events, religious believes sensational rhythms and moral values of Arabic people. It has a long history of existence and evolution and has undergone many changes since its birth. Top Arabic songs are known for their essence and capacity to drench your soul by establishing a connection to the almighty.

Top Arabic Songs list 2015

The Arabic period in the 5th and 7th century, saw development of Arabic music in the form of poems and ghazals which were very rich in Urdu language. It was believed that learned people had the capacity to give music to the poems and entertain as well as educate people. Here is the list of Top Arabic Songs which includes best Arabic songs for kids.

Top Arabic Songs List for Kids – Best Arabic Sad Songs

Diana Karazon – Ensani Ma Bensak -2003
Asala – Lawwen Omri -2003
Majida El Roumi – Ouhebbouka Jeddan -2006
Assi El Hellani ft. Carole Sakr – Ouli Jayi -2004
Nawal El Zoghbi – Eyneik Kaddabin -2004
Carole Samaha – Bi Sabah El Alf El Talet -2000
Wael Kfoury – Tabki El Toyour -2005
Carole Samaha – Hodoudy El Sama -2009
Wael Jassar – Mesheit Khalas -2005
Shahd Barmada – El Hob Elli Kan -2006
Elissa – Kermalak -2006
Najwa Karam – Bi Gharamak Masloubi -2002
Fadl Shaker – Law Ala Albi -2005
Marwan Khoury & Carole Samaha – Ya Rab-2007
Ibrahim Al Hakami – Shou Beni -2007
Nancy Ajram – Biteegy Sirtak -2008
Kazem Al Saher – Hal Endaki Shakk -2003
Amr Diab – Wala Ala Baloh -2001
Majida El Roumi – E’tazalt El Gharam -2006
Marwan Khoury – Asr El Shoq -2006

Ya ali Arabic songs were the ones specific for thanking and praising Allah. A lot of books were also written in this time period to acknowledge the developments in music such as Kitab- al – Aghani, Kitab- al- musiqi-al kabir, etc which gave new theories about Arabic music and poems. By the end of 11th century, the sale of Arabic musical instruments like drum, flutes, rebec, guitar, etc became widespread all over the world and started taking different shapes in different civilizations.

Arabic songs for Kids

Aafaf Rady – Berela Berela
El Magmoa – El Enkabot El Nono
Aafaf Rady – Hoba
Soad Hosny – El Banat
Aafaf Rady – Shams El Shamosa
Noura – Mama Gabetle Baby
Abd El Menom Madboly – El Shater Amr
Mohammed Fawzi – Zahba El Laylo
Abd El Menom Madboly – Tot Tot
Marina We Khaled – Andy Bata
Dingle Dangle
Mohamed Henedy – Meen Habib Baba
El Magmoa – Abo El Fasad
Sayed El Malah – Abrea El Shay
Nancy Ajram – Katkouta
El Magmoa – Aho Geh Walad
Menna Magdy – Ya Bagbgany
Hanan El Ansary – Kan Fe Ota
Mareem Afefy – Anam
Leblba – Haslty Leha Kersh
El Magmoa – Shery Shery
El Magmoa – Tery Tery Ya Asfora
Haifa Wehbe – Baba Fen
Nelly – El Farasha
Hanan El Ansary – Katkoty
Im A Little Teapot
Sabren – Ana El Katkot
Mahamed Thrwat – Rasha
Nancy Ajram – Asfory
El Magmoa – El Meaza
Maryem Afefy – Madrsty
Nancy Ajram – Shater
Mohamed Thrwat – Gedo Ali

The best Arabic songs produced till today have been possible because of its mixing with the western world. In 1970s, Arabic pop songs took birth and made their presence felt at the international scenario. Arabic sad songs became famous for portraying the pain in real love and loss of someone special. The lyrics of these songs were Arabic mixed with western tunes. Today, Arabic music has become the essence of Arabic jazz, Arabic electronica, Arabic hip hop and many more genres.  Arabic songs for kids are composed to give them the teachings and preaching of their supreme and help them lead a happy life.

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