Top Brazilian Songs – Best Famous Songs List 2015

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Top Brazilian Songs List 2015

Brazil is the largest country in South America. It was colonized by Portuguese from 1500 onward and finally became independent republic in 1889. Brazil is a place which is proud of its culture and does not hide it. The national language is Portuguese.  Be it the country’s songs, its clothes, its language or the people, Brazil is exceptionally unique. Its capital is Brasilia. The people there are simply proud of their culture and want to preserve it. Brazil is famous for its coffee and its great Amazon River.

Top Brazilian Songs List 2015

Brazilian music consists of songs in languages like Portuguese, Latin, and English etc. Its songs are very traditional and cultural in nature. Top Brazilian songs include ‘Cedo ou Tarde’ by NX Zero, ‘Mino do Condom nio’ by Seu Jorge, ‘Tem Que Ser Voce’ by Victor & Leo, ‘Me Abrace’ by Wanessa Camargo & Camila and ‘Nao Faz Mais Isso Comigo’ by Bruno & Marrone. All these songs were a huge hit not only in Brazilian market but also all over the world.

List of  Top Brazilian Songs – Best Brazilian Music

Drinking water –  Tom Jobim
Girl from Ipanema –  Tom Jobim & Vinícius
Very late in the night –  Revelação
Watercolor –  Toquinho & Vinícius
Song from America –  Milton Nascimento
Argument –  Paulinho da Viola
The Band –  Chico Buarque
Opposite –  Ceumar – Brazilian Songs
As the poet used to say –  Toquinho & Vinícius
I know –  Papas da Língua
How are you –  Roberto Carlos
Old Childhood –  Os Tribalistas
Heart –  Rapazolla
Back home –  Elba Ramalho
That’s it –  Ana Carolina
It was God –  Edson & Hudson
Hello and Goodbye –  Maria Rita
When the rain stops –  Ivete Sangalo

List of  Best Brazilian songs continues…

Tropical Country –  Jorge Ben Jor
She left –  Nando Reis – top Brazilian Songs
Hundred per cent you –  Chiclete com Banana
“Quero voltar pra Bahia” – Paulo Diniz
Lambada – He left crying – Kaoma
My Honey/Love –  Leonardo/Markinhos Moura
My Princess –  Calypso – best Brazilian Songs
Deny –  Maria Bethânia
New boyfriend –  Aviões do Forró
If you want –  Tânia Mara
Tic, tic, tac –  Carrapicho
Let’s flee –  Skank – popular Brazilian Songs
For love –  Calcinha Preta
You didn’t teach me how to forget you –  Caetano Veloso

List of famous Brazilian Songs by famous Artists

Jorge Ben – “Mas Que Nada”
Waldir Azevedo – “Brasileirinho”
Tom Jobim & Vinicius de Moraes – “Chega de Saudade”
Os Mutantes – “Panis et Circensis”
Ary Barroso – “Aquarela Do Brasil”
Joao Gilberto – “Desafinado”
Tom Jobim & Vinicius de Moraes – “Garota De Ipanema”
Ana Carolina – “E isso Ai”
Ivete Sangalo – “Quando a Chuva passar”
Chico Buarque – “Roda Viva”
Djavan – “Oceano”
Zeca Pagodinho – “SPC”
Roberto Carlos – “Detalhes”
Elis Regina & Tom Jobim – “Aguas De Marco”
Zezé Di Camargo & Luciano – “E O Amor”
O Rappa – “Pescador de Ilusões”
Jota Quest – “So Hoje”
Caetano Veloso – “Burn it Blue”
Maria Rita – “Caminhos das Aguas”

Brazilian songs are of different types which include both slow and fast and both are equally invigorating and soothing. Best Brazilian songs include ‘Aquarela’ by Toninho which is a song which is both charming and bittersweet. A song which uses the compelling voice of Marisa Monte is ‘Perdao Voce’.

A few more songs which are famous Brazilian songs are ‘Lua de Mel’ by Gal Costa whose voice is like little drops of heaven, ‘Sol de Liberdade’ by Daniela Mercury who makes you feel you are in a carnival while you sit in your home and ‘Colombina’ by Ed Motta who is a very deserving singer and should be acknowledged even more than he currently is. Popular Brazilian songs are recognized by many people and they are popular everywhere.

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