Top Indonesian Songs List – Best Love Songs 2015

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Top Indonesian Songs List 2015

The best Indonesian songs are the ones which display the cultural plurality of the nation and the influence of neighbouring nations on its music industry. Indonesia is a nation, where music is used to express the emotions of the humankind with the use of different tempos and melodies. Traditional Indonesian songs are a big hit in Malaysia and Singapore too. Chants and hymns are an important part of songs here and they are focused at portraying the rich history and mythology of the nation.  Thousands of Indonesian islands have their own indigenous music styles and they all make use of instruments of local preferences on occasions highly varied in nature.

Top Indonesian Songs List 2015

A lot of music forms exist in Indonesia and form the base of popular Indonesian songs. Gamelan is the oldest and the most popular one of them which has its origins in Java and Bali. It makes use of instruments like bamboo flutes, drums, gongs, etc and was popularised in Dutch colonial period. Kecapi suling is another music form that is purely instrumental and makes use of two instruments, Kecapi (zither) and suling (bamboo flute). Other popular music forms are Susando, Angklung, Kulintang and Tapanuli ogong. All these music forms have their own characteristic features and depict emotions or events in different style. Here is the list of the list of top Indonesian songs.

Top Indonesian Songs List – Best Love Songs 2015

Syahrini – Cinta Tapi Gengsi
Fatin – Aku Memilih Setia
Tangga – Mabuk Kepayang
Noah – Jika Engkau
Bongkar – Swami – Indonesian songs
Geisha – Lumpuhkan Ingatanku
Ashanty – Mengapa Oh Mengapa
Ungu – Bila Tiba
Nidji – Rahasia Hati
Pee Wee Gaskins – Nikmati Hari
Coboy Junior – Terus Berlari
Tipe – X – Jantungku
Shaggydog – Kamu Dihatiku
Cakra Khan – Setelah Kau Tiada
Astrid – Terpukau
Maudy Ayunda – Cinta Datang Terlambat
Mahadewa – Immortal Love Song
Raisa – Bye Bye – Indonesian songs
D’masiv – Nyaman
Rio Febrian – Angin Malam
Vidi Aldiano Ft Sherina – Apakah Ku Jatuh Cinta
Ode to My Family – The Cranberries

List of Indonesia songs continues….

Terlalu Manis – Slank
Benci Untuk Mencinta – Naif
I Want To Break Free – Queen
Kita – Sheila On Seven
Miracle – Jon Bon Jovi
Sore Tugu Pancoran – Iwan Fals
Under Heaven Sky – Collective Soul
Perjalanan Ini – Padi
18 and Live – Skid Row
Mimpi – Anggun
Restoe Boemi – Dewa
Heaven – Bryan Adams
Lilin-Lilin Kecil – Crisye
One of Us – Joan Osborne
Bizarre Love Triangle – Frente
Ode to My Family – The Cranberries
Cats in the Craddle – Ugly Kid Joe
Forever and One – Hellowen
More Than Words – Extreme
Till Death Do Us Part – White Lion
Rumah Kita – God Bless
Patience – Guns & Roses
Blood Money – Jon Bon Jovi
I Remember You – Skid Row
Love is All Around – Wet Wet Wet

more indonesian songs would be added soon in the list of best Indonesian songs

The Indonesian folk songs make use of a lot of local languages and music that are mixed with the tunes of pop, hip hop, rock and Indonesian genres. The extreme flexible nature of this folk music makes it appealing to a wide category of audiences.

Contemporary music
Top Indonesian songs are composed by the music artist that are very open to the world and its rhythms and ready to blend them in the music of the nation. American pop and popular genres of music all around the world constitute a significant part of contemporary music of Indonesia. Hope you enjoyed the list of Indonesian songs.

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