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Best Japanese Songs List

Japanese music comprises of a wide variety of performers in styles which include both traditional and modern. Not many people know this but Japan has the largest music market in the entire world. Its retail value is above 4,096.7 million dollars which is a lot. Most of this market is handled by artists of Japanese background. Local music often appears at venues which is karaoke, which is on lease from the record labels.Traditional Japanese music is quite different from Western Music and is based on the intervals of human breathing rather than mathematical timing.

Top Japanese Songs List 2015
Top Japanese songs include, ‘Calling’ by Arashi, ‘Deeper Deeper’ by One Ok Rock, ‘Kirigirisu Jin’ by No3b and ‘Expose’ by Kat-Tun. These are the best Japanese songs. The oldest forms of traditional Japanese songs are Shomyo, Gagaku which is the orchestral court music and Buddhist chanting. Gagaku is the music which has been played in the Imperial court since as long as the Heian period. Furthermore, Gagaku is divided into two parts- Kangen or instrumental music and  Bugaku or the dance accompanied by gagaku. Here is the list of few best Japanese songs.

Top  Japanese Songs New List 2015 –  Best Traditional Music

Hibari Misora: Ringo Oiwake
Dango Daikazoku – Chata
National anthem: Kimi Ga Yo
Nursery rhyme: Nanatsu No Ko
Final Distance Utada Hikaru
Planetarium- Ai Otsuka
Asterisk Orange Range
Parade Chaba
Velonica Aqua Timez
Find the Way Mika Nakashima
Sparkle Ayumi Hamasaki
Rolling Star Yui
Agony Kotoko
Powder Snow Ayumi Hamasaki
Hanabi- Ikimono Gakari
Kingyo Hanabi- Ai Otsuka
Fairyland Ayumi Hamasaki
Tonight, Tonight – Beat Crusaders
Drink It Down – L’arc En Ciel
Jewel Ayumi Hamasaki
Baby It’s You – June
Kagari – Kanon Wakeshima
Shojo S – Scandal
Hikari- Utada Hikaru
Passion- Utada Hikaru
Wind – Akeboshi
Alones – Aqua Timez
Number One Treasure – LiSA
Hikari No Rock – Sambomaster
New Future- Changin’ my life
MOVIN’!! – Takacha
Deep River – Utada Hikaru
Sakura Drops – Utada Hikaru

Top Japanese Songs New List Continues…

Chance! – Uverworld
D-Techno Life – Uverworld
Shamrock – Uverworld
I have some!
Eternal Snow- Changin’ my life
Smile- Changin’ my life
God Knows – Hirano Aya
Little Braver – LiSA
Life is Like a Boat – Rie Fu
My Song – Marina
Ray of Light – Nakagawa Shouko
My Soul, Your Beats – LiSA
O2 – Orange Range
Reason/Fate – Nami Tamaki
Dear You – dunno name
Servant of Evil – Len Kagamine
Cherry – Yui
Fields of Hope – Rie Tanaka
Doll – Terra
North Wind – Terra
Again – Yui
Key of Heart – BoA
Colors of the Heart – UVERworld
Always – Kana Nishino
Sorairo Days – Shoko Nakagawa
Anata ga Koko ni iru Riyuu – Rie Fu
Let It Out – Miho Fukuhara
I bring with me even moar  owo
Brave Song – Aoi Tada
Memoria – Aoi Eir
Blue Bird – Ikimonogakari
Closer – Inoue Joe
Innocence – Aoi Eir
Monochrome no Kiss – don’t know who sings this
hat’s Up, People?! – Maximum The Hormone
Hitohira no Hanabira- Stereo Pony
Hologram – Nico Touches The Walls
Ash Like Snow – The Brilliant Green
After Dark Asian Kung Fu Generation
Shounen Heart – Home Made Kazoku
Thank You!! – Home Made Kazoku
Suna No Oshiro – Kanon Wakeshima
Shiroi Kokoro – Kanon Wakeshima
Skip Turn Step – Kanon Wakeshima
Billy In Despair – Maximum The Hormone
Little Bird – Chiaki Ishikawa
Akatsuki no Kuruma – FictionJunction YUUKA
Boku wa, Tori ni Naru – Hitomi Kuroishi
Hana Wa Sakura Kimi Wa Utsukushi – Ikimono Gakari
Stories – Hitomi Kuroishi
Innocence Days – Hitomi Kuroishi

More songs  Japanese coming soon in  Top Japanese Songs New List

Japanese new song which is a huge hit is ‘Furisodeshon’ by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. Japanese folk songs usually tell a story. The most famous story is ‘The Tale Of The Heike’ which is a story of 12th century telling about the triumph of the Minamoto clan over the Taira clan. Many folk songs are sung by blind people who formed a group called moso.

Recent songs have brought with them Japanese pop songs which are also part of its culture now. You can download free Japanese songs from various websites if you want to listen to them. Popular Japanese songs include ‘Rainy Days Never Stays’ by The Brilliant Green and ‘Ho Ni Tori’ by Mika Nakashima. These are famous Japanese songs. Enjoy Top Japanese Songs New List.

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