Top Jay-Z Songs List 2015 – New Best Albums – Latest Music

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How to Create the Best Personal Archive of Jay-Z songs

If you are fond of English pop songs or Hip Hop Songs, then you must have heard about Jay-Z, a legendary performer from Brooklyn in New York in the United States of America. He is a specialist Hip Hop Artist who has become a role model for the youngsters who are still in the process of training in Hip Hop Songs. The Jay Z songs are, therefore, very popular among those people. These songs are full of fantastic beats that make them perfect for dance classes that are arranged all over the world.
Jay-Z Songs List 2015

If you are fond of Jay-Z songs, then you must create your personal archive and playlist for yourself. You can purchase CDs and DVDs of these fantastic Jay Z songs from the leading music stores at your place. You can ask by the name of the artist or by the name of the albums. However, if you fail to get the Jay-Z songs of your choice, then you need not be disheartened. You can purchase directly from the music companies that reserve the rights of their sale and marketing. This is a better and authentic way of getting the best quality of Jay-Z songs. Here is the list of Top Jay-Z songs.

Top Jay-Z Songs List 2015 – New Best Albums – Latest Music

D.O.A. Death of Auto Tune – The Blueprint 3, 2009
Roc Boys And the Winner Is…. – American Gangster, 2007
No Hook – American Gangster, 2007
30 Something – Kingdom Come, 2006
Heart of the City Ain’t No Love – The Blueprint
Lost One – Kingdom Come, 2006
Song Cry – The Blueprint, 2001
D’evils – Reasonable Doubt, 1996
The Watcher 2 – The Blueprint 2, 2002
Can’t Knock the Hustle – Reasonable Doubt, 1996
Where I’m From – In My Lifetime Vol. 1, 1997
Venus Vs. Mars – The Blueprint 3, 2009
Nigga What, Nigga – Vol.II Hard Knock Life, 1998
What More Can I Say – The Black Album, 2003
Empire State of Mind – The Blueprint 3, 2009
Moment of Clarity – The Black Album, 2003
Takeover – The Blueprint, 2001
Brooklyn’s Finest – Reasonable Doubt, 1996
Renegade – The Blueprint, 2001

You can even visit the websites and find them there through the numerous websites there. However, this process can be a little risky. As jay-Z appears in live concerts, so it can be a golden chance for you to attend any one of his concerts and see by yourself how, this artists performs. You can not only listen to the Jay-Z songs, but you can also see his style and way of presenting his songs.

His concerts with his wife Beyonce Knowles are very popular these days all across the United States so you can take the chance. The tickets of these concerts are available through the websites of the organizers. You can even pay attention towards the official website of Jay-Z to get th updates on his performances and also to listen to the great Jay-Z songs. Hope you enjoyed the list of Jay-Z songs.

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