Top Journey Songs List – Best Music Separate Ways – Greatest Hits 2015

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Top Journey Songs List 2015

The Enchanting Journey songs. Journey for a person can be described as a process of self-discovery. It is seeing all the other beautiful parts of our unique planet and finding new places with their divine beauty and culture and people. The world can be easily described as an ultimate puzzle. If every tiny piece of new encounters is joined together it can give us a broader and better glimpse of humanity.

Top Journey Songs List 2015

Journey can be considered as a recreation also provides education in highest form. Make us learn new culture and increase cross religion awareness, increasing curiosity and broaden our mind to adapt with the new situations. Each and every culture around the world is unique and has its own set of rules and regulations that one has to abide by no matter how modern one are or they belong to that one can learn from adventures and journey songs. This culture their songs, dance language ,music, dress, medicine, costumes, believes, arts, architecture has evolved through culmination of years of practice and living life in this planet and only traveling can make one understand people better.

List of Top Journey Songs 2015 – Greatest Hits 2015

Lovin, Touchin, Squeezin – by Evolution
Be Good To Yourself
Any Way You Want It’ – by Departure
Open Arms – Top Journey Songs
Feeling That Way’ – by Infinity
Only The Young
Don’t Stop Believin – by Escape
Send Her My Love
Lights – by ‘Infinity’
Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)
Faithfully – by ‘Frontiers’
Any Way You Want It
Open Arms – by ‘Escape’
Who’s Crying Now
Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)’ – by ‘Frontiers’
I’ll Be Alright Without You
Stone In Love – by Escape
After All These Years
Wheel in the Sky’ – by Inifinity
City of Hope – Best Journey Songs
Dixie Highway
Homemade Love
Still They Ride
Paris – Friendly Fires
Around the world – Daft Punk
Whippin’ Piccadilly – Gomez
Dreadlock Holiday – 10cc
Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skynyrd

List of Journey Songs continues…

These boots are made for walking – Nancy Sinatra
Holidays in the Sun – The Sex Pistols
Have Love Will Travel – The Sonics
On the Road Again – Willie Nelson
Hotel California – The Eagles
Blackpool Roll – Mr Scruff
I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) – Proclaimers
Down Under – Men at work
America – Razorlight
No Particular Place to Go – Chuck Berry
London Calling – The Clash
The day we caught the train – Ocean Colour Scene
The Passenger  – Iggy Pop
Where Were You – New Journey Songs
Paradise City – Guns n Roses
Feeling That Way
Leave Home – Chemical Brothers

Where and how to find good Journey Songs

Old and new journey songs can be a very good companion for one in once leisure time. An individual can anytime save those songs from internet or videos from paid or free sites and maintain them without any hassle. Separate Ways -Worlds Apart,  song was released by the Journey band’s album Frontiers.  This song was liked by most of the people. Journey is an American rock band formed in San Francisco.

With a great journey songs many things has to be considered one has to capture the essence and the joy that one feel while exploring new doors in the song. Lyrics have to be very strong yet simply making people relate to the situations. Journey songs need to have two things it should give one the feeling of nostalgia and the love that one gets from the place.

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