Top Latest Malaysian Songs list – Best Tamil Songs 2015

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Latest Malaysian Songs List – Best Tamil Songs

Malaysian songs and music are a great fusion of western beats and rhythm mixed with local instruments and cultural preferences of the region. The music is said to involve distinct features of various neighbouring music genres like that of India, china, Dayak, etc. The best Malaysian songs of the contemporary world provide a wide range of music tastes like rock, pop and classical. Malaysian music comprises of traditional Malay music, pop, rock, fusion, classical and hip hop genres.  Here is the list of  Top Latest Malaysian Songs.

Best Malaysian Songs list

List of Top Latest Malaysian Songs – Best Tamil Songs 2015

Un Paarvai…… Malaysian Song.
Why This Kolaveri… – Tamil Election Song 2015
Kathal Oru Vilayatta Malaysia Local Tamil Song
Manasukkul by The Girl feat Leina Hangat
Mazhaiye Vann Mazhaiye – Vilayattu Pasanga
Ennavaley ennai – Malaysia tamil song
Kanavellam Neethane Song by Malaysian Artist Dhilip Varman
VaIshNavi-Tamil Malaysian Movie Song
Inni Vendham – Official Music Video
En Uyir Kathal Malaysian Tamil Song by Stylo Ram
Anbe Sagiye Song by Malaysian Artist Dhilip Varman
Sollamale Kan Mun Thonrinai – Dhilip Varman
“Scooter Vandi” – OG Dass Feat Kash Villanz
Manitha Piravi – Rapscope Album ( 2015 Malaysian Tamil Song )
Vallavan- Indian girls- Yogi B and Natchathra
Nannangaadikal – Kaakkothikavile – Malaysian Songs
Manmadha manjariyil pookkum – Ival Oru Naadodi
Aakaashakkottayile – Chandamama
Kunjikaattin Kannitheril – Naalukettile Nalla
Arabipponnalli thene –    Sangharsham
Vendaykka Saambaarum –    Panineerppookkal
Pirannoree Mannum – Kaboolivala
Koodayile –    Oru Thalai Ragam
Kallellam – Anashwaram – Malaysian Songs
Kaakkothiyammaykku – Kaakkothikavile Apooppanthaadikal
Vadee En – Vishvanadhante Praveshanam
Paanappuzha – Vishnulokam
Thambraante – Naadodi – Malaysian Songs
Onamkera moolakkaari –    Kaalam
Oorariyilla –    Avittam Thirunaal Aarogyasreemaan
Jhumpa Jhumpa – Nadodi
Dum Dum Dhana Dhana Thaalipoo –    The Ranger
Geethe Ente Geethe – Taxi Kadha Parayunnu
Begawan Solo sung by Anneke Gronloh
Burung Kakak Tua sung by Anneke Gronloh
Rasa Sayang Malaysia

List of Malaysian Song 2015

Hemaambari – Aattakkatha
Parayoo Njaanoru – Lucky Star
Muthani Mani Viralaal –    Aattakkatha
Anchithal Poo Pookkum –    Lucky Star
Muthani Mani Viralaal –    Aattakkatha
Kunjuvava Kayyil – Lucky Star
Manjuthirum Raavinullil – Hotel California
Angry Birds – Lucky Star
Shaarada Neerada – Aattakkatha
Dheera Veera – Veera – Malaysian Songs
Theme Song – Hotel California
Eppazhinnu Varum – Veera
Kaivala Thattalle – Mussafir
Jeevitham Oru –    Veera
Ekanaayi – Mussafir
Maampazhakkoottathil Vannaatte – Veera
Pathinaalam Raavin – Mussafir
Nilavine – Veera – Malaysian Songs
Ashwamedhamaayi Musafir – Mussafir
O Mere Bappu – Veera
Fusion – Mussafir
Omale Chellakkatti – Veera
Sandhya Urukunnu – Mussafir
Nilaykku Mukalil – Aattakkatha
Koncham Koncham – Yaathra Thudarunnu
Akannirunnalum – Aattakkatha
Ponnumone Thaaraattaam -Yaathra Thudarunnu
Peythozhinju –    Aattakkatha
Ekayaay – Mussafir – Malaysian Songs
oNilakku mukalil – Aattakkatha

The Malay music of Malaysia has been originated in the Kelantan Pattani region and the most important part of this music form is Gendang, i.e. the drum. There are more than 14 types of traditional drums that are used in Malay music to express different emotions and most importantly events of past. The regions of east Malaysia and tribal of the peninsula are popular for their special instruments and local tunes.
Malaysia Tamil songs, which are very popular as a large portion of its population are Tamil from India, are example of the cultural influence of language and surrounding culture on Malaysian music.

Contemporary music
Malaysian songs list encompasses songs of world famous composers like Chong kee Yong, Yii ka hoe, Adeline Wong, Saidah Rastam, etc who have not only won various awards but have also encouraged the fusion of world music genres in top Malaysian songs. The contemporary pop music developed from the traditional music that was originated in 1920s by the Bangsawan troupe and today it has reached to the stage of operas too. The best Malaysian song remembered in pop category is Tudunk Periok sung by the legendary Momo Latif. Hip hop has become a national favourite with KRU being the most successful band of the nation. Malaysian rock songs are an advancement if the Glam rock and Blues rock. WE hope that you liked the list of  Malaysian Songs.

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