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Top Mexican Songs and Music

Mexican Songs can be depicted as a mixture of music from a variety of cultures such as indigenous Mexican and European. Mexican music is diverse and accompanies many different ranges of musical genres too. Mexican songs are well known worldwide and appreciated for its rhythm. Many Mexican songs titles have been translated in English in order to understand the meaning of the songs; songs such as Solmente una vez (You belong to My Heart) and Maria Bonita (Pretty Maria) are examples of these.  Here is the list of Top Mexican Songs.

Top Mexican Songs List 2015

Top Mexican Songs List -Best Famous Songs 2015

Como La Flor – Salena Quintanilla
El Rey – Jose Alfredo Jimenez
Paloma Negra – Amalia Mendoza ‘La Tariacuri’
La Negra Noche – Jorge Negrete
Donde Quiera Que Estés – Salena Quintanilla
Reconciliacion – Las Hermanitas Nunez
Tu Solo Tu – Lupita Palomera
El Jinete – Miguel Aceves Mejia
Prieta Linda – Miguel Aceves Mejia
Albur De Amor – Lola Beltran
Amarga Navidad – Amalia Mendoza ‘La Tariacuri’
Veinte Anos – Francisco ‘Charro’ Avitia
Golondrina Presumida – Lola Beltran
Una Sola Caida – Martin
Mexico Lindo – Jorge Negrete
Rayando El Sol – Chavela Vargas
Flor De Azalea – Dueto Miseria
Cielo Rojo – El Mariachi Vargas De Tecalitlan
Tres Dias – Los Dos Reales
Respeta Mi Dolor – Marcela Galvan
Libro Abierto – Rocio Banquells
El Preso Numero 9 – Los Tres Caballeros
Viva Mexico – Pedro Vargas
La Retirada – Lola Beltran
Entre Suspiro Y Suspiro – Jorge Negrete
La Malaquena – Trio Calaveras

List of famous mexican songs continues…

El Caballo Blanco – Jose Alfredo Jimenez
No Discutamos – Lucha Villa
Cancion Mixteca – Pedro Vargas
Un Cancienero Lloro – Alejandro Rivera
No Volvere – Estela Nunez
Esos Altos De Jalisco – Jorge Negrete
La Media Vuelta – Jose Alfredo Jimenez
Si Nos Dejan – Jose Alfredo Jimenez
Cuatro Milpas – Aida Cuevas – mexican songs
Mi Ciudad – Guadalupe Trigo
Siempre Estoy Pensando En Ti – Lucia Mendez
Cancion Mexicana – Lucha Reyes
Carino Nuevo – Estela Nunez – mexican songs
La Silla Vacia – Rosenda Bernal
Te Parte El Alma – Fernando De La Mora
Yo El Aventurero – Paco Michel
Cien Anos – Guadalupe Pineda – mexican songs
Ya No Me Interesas – Lucha Villa
Pelea De Gallos – Miguel Aceves Mejia
Cielito Lindo – Mariachi Vargas De Tecalitlan

Mexican folk music also plays an important part in the enhancement of the Mexican music; Mexican traditional folk songs can be categorized in two facets:-by styles of musical practices and styles include corrido, canción Ranchera, Son Huasteco, Son jarocho, Mexican Danzón, Mexican Bolero, they are accompanied by ensembles such as banda conjunto and bachata. Mexican music indulges itself in different types like corrido and ranchera.

Best Maxican Songs 2015

Modern Mexican songs have adapted itself with rock, jazz, pop and Latin Alternative and people have accepted it with great positivity. Singers like Salena Quintanilla, Ricky Martin and Paulina Rubio created the Latin Alternative and came out as a great success on both the national and international market. Moreover, with the new advent of Mexican music change, more singers like Shakira and Miguel Bose have created a legacy of extraordinary Mexican singers; the pop music industry brought more budding performers such as Enrique Iglesias, who is the heart throb and most loved singer by both generation.

With a growing interest for young Mexicans to adopt music in their lifestyle, music has been able to trespass borders and make music bind Mexican and all type of music in one. Mexican music has achieved quite a lot during its path to success and developing great singers like Ricky Martin, Shakira and Enrique Iglesias.  Thanks for joining the list of  Best Mexican Songs.

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