Top Miley Cyrus Songs – New Movies List – Latest Albums 2015

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Top Miley Cyrus Songs List 2015

Miley Cyrus Songs-Songs of New Generation. The name of Miley Cyrus does not require any introduction among the song lovers. The name draws enough respect not only from the natives of United States of America but also from the people from all over the world who love to listen to great songs from this female singer. She has been a gifted singer who has earned a global reputation as a singer. Born to great father Billy Ray Cyrus, she started her career not as a singer but as an artist in a Television soap opera show. She also played a small yet powerful role in a film in a young age. However, her talent in singing much later and from then, she has never turned back.

Top Miley Cyrus Songs list 2015

Miley Cyrus has proven her talent in singing all types of modern songs. She is capable of singing all types of songs and that is why most of Miley Cyrus songs are full of diversity. Her voice is perfectly suitable for all types of modern songs and that is one of the secrets of her phenomenal success in singing. She has sung a large number of songs that can be listed to in the solo albums. Though she has a number of albums, some of them have got worldwide recognition. Among her successful albums, Can’t Be Tamed, and sequel on Hannah Montana are praiseworthy in true sense.

List of Top Miley Cyrus Songs – Latest Albums 2015

Wherever I Go – 2011
Who Owns My Heart – 2010 – Can’t Be Tamed
The Climb – 2009 – The Climb
Can’t Be Tamed – 2010 – Can’t Be Tamed
Butterfly Fly Away – 2009 – Back to Tennessee
I Miss You Stay – 2010 – Can’t Be Tamed
When I Look at You – 2009 – The Time of Our Lives
If We Were a Movie – 2006
Party in the U.S.A. – 2009 – The Time of Our Lives
Pumpin’ Up the Party – 2006
Hoedown Throwdown – 2009 – Pop It Rock It!
The Best of Both Worlds – 2006
7 Things – 2008 – Breakout – Latest Miley Cyrus Songs
Life’s What You Make It – 2007
Rock Star – 2008 – Best of Both Worlds Concert
You’ll Always Find Your Way Back Home – 2009
Just Like You – 2008 – Best of Both Worlds Concert
Don’t Wanna Be Torn – 2009
G.N.O. – Girl’s Night Out – 2008 – Family Jams
Ice Cream Freeze – Let’s Chill – 2009
Nobody’s Perfect – 2008 – Best of Both Worlds Concert
I’m Still Good – 2010
See You Again – 2008

list of Miley Cyrus Best Songs continues…

Party in the U.S.A.
Not This Girl
Forgiveness and Love
Old Blue Jeans
Ocean Breaze
We Live The Dream
The Bone Bance
The Best Of Both Worlds – 2009 Movie Mix
Twist And Turn
We Got The Party
The Driveaway
The Best Of Both Worlds – New Version
What’s Not to Like
Unlucky Life
The Fairytale Ending
You And Me Together
The Good Life
My Beauty

more Miley Cyrus Songs would be added in the list of Miley Cyrus Songs very soon

Best Miley Cyrus Songs

Today, Miley Cyrus songs are popular everywhere as because she participates in live concerts all over the world. People can see her in live concerts and that is truly the best thing that they can get. However, if you cannot see her live concerts, then you have no reasons to worry about. You can still listen to her songs. You can collect her albums or you can download them through the websites of music companies. You can create your own archive of Miley Cyrus songs and listen to them whenever you want.

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