Top New Chinese Songs – Best Folk Music – Popular Classic Songs 2015

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Top Chinese Songs List 2015

Chinese songs are present since the dawn of Chinese history; it is one of the oldest civilizations in the world history and has been ever since there. Music in China developed with the Zhou Dynasty and moved along with the different dynasties that came after. Chinese songs have achieved the market level where music is appreciated by everyone and accepted too. With modern music, China has taken a step forward in bridging the gap between China and the world; by becoming the 22nd largest music market in the world. Top Chinese Songs list 2015

Chinese songs have gained attention only during the Chinese New Year followed by the dance of the dragon. Chinese musicians were very seen as low and treated as one. Chinese people took interest in the western music in the 1920’s and making it part of their music. There were times where the Chinese songs were ‘deformed’ as being ‘yellow music’. Here is the list of Top Best Chinese Songs.

Top New Chinese Songs List – Best Folk Songs 2015

On the moon – Phoenix Legend
Girl from across, look over here – Richie Ren
Let go of my hand – Sam Lee
A moonlit night on the spring river – Pi Pa
Stupid child – Andy Lau
Prague Square – Jolin Tsai
True or false – Christine Fan
Let me feel the warmth – Lee Hom Wang
Sadly,it’s not you – Fish Leong
I want to go to Guilin – Han Xiao
Gotta love you – Wilber Pan
Spice girls – Song Zu Ying
Go-abroad song – Tsai Chin
Goodbye to North Pole snow – Steve Chou
Butterfly with the broken wings – Ding Wei
Whatever – Yang Kun
Palm – Michael Wong
One night in Beijing – Bobby Chen
Pearl of the Orient (Hong Kong) – Luo Da You
You are the cause of the love – Chen Ming

Top Chinese Pop Songs List

  • Minjiang Nocturne sung by Cai Xing Juan
  • Xiang1 si1 he2 pan4
  • Yong2 yuan3 de wei1 xiao4
  • Yue4 yuan2 hua1 hao3
  • Lover’s Tears
  • The moon represents my heart
  • Green island serenade
  • The Kang Ding love song
  • Jasmin flower
  • Love without end
  • How can I help not thinking of him
  • Duldal  Maria and cloudy sky -Twelve Girls Band
  • Under the white wind – Bei Bei
  • Warriors of Heaven and Earth, movie soundtrack – Rahman
  • The boundless sea and sky – Beyond
  • Joanna Wang, Now (pop)
  • Alive – Sa Ding Ding
  • The night of bonfire festival – Liu Fang
  • Bird of paradise – Chen YU
  • The moon represents my heart
  • Girl from across, look over here
  • Heroes’ song
  • One night in Beijing
  • Marry me today
  • Nights alone cryin
  • Fairy tale
  • Blooming flowers and full moon night
  • Never walk away

During the Cultural Revolution, Maoists pressed innovative Chinese folk songs as the only suitable type; because of publicity, this variety largely outdid all others and came almost to describe mainland Chinese music. Chinese Folk song are consist of Chinese traditional culture and history where religions songs have high importance. The Chinese people have vaerity of songs that includes dance songs, mountain songs, work songs, love songs and kid’s songs and wedding songs. More songs would be added to list of  Best Chinese Songs, very soon.

China gave out the secrecy when it allowed annual events like the Midi Modern Music Festival in Beijing that captures more than thousands of visitors around China and from around the world. Chinese rock is restricted only to Beijing and Shanghai and has less power over the Chinese population. Chinese rock themes carries an important change that exists between China, different parts within China and the West. . While rock has been in China for decades, the breakthrough that put the type on the map is when Cui Jian performed with The Rolling Stones in 2003, at the age of 42. With this, Chinese music does have lesser international ears on its music and less interest is taken in it by music composers. Hope you must have enjoyed the list of  top Chinese songs.

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