Top Philippines Movies – Best Hot Movies 2015 List

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Top Philippines Movies List

Philippines movies started way before in 1819 with the inventors of cinematography, the Lumiere Brothers. Philippines movies are known for its extraordinary touch to its film; be it from love stories to horror movies. Jose Nepomuceno is known to be the father of the Filipino cinema and he is respected for his great work of art. Philippines movies industry started forming in the year 1930’s where directors, producers and scriptwriters were finding new ideas and ways to showcase their talents.

Top Philippines Movies List 2015

Themed movies were being thought of like nationalistic movies and war movies were being produced due to the war in 1940’s, however it grabbed the audience attention and gave a significant push over to the Filipino cinema.
1950’s brought more artistic and mature films and thus the golden age of the Philippine cinema began; with local talents earning recognition from the international audiences. By the end of the 1960’s, movies were made for commercial audience and different types of movies were made such as action and western flicks.

List of Top Philippines Movies – Best Hot Movies

Child of Sorrow
The Perfumed Nightmare
You Have Been Weighed and Found Wanting
The Rites of May
Cain and Abel
Why Is the Sky Blue?
Three Godless Years
Blessings of the Land
Blink of an Eye
Gold, Silver, Death
A Portrait of the Artist as Filipino
Long Live Philippine Cinema!
Temptation Island
Scorpio Nights
Broken Marriage
The Nail of Brightness
Philippine Science
Prisoner of the Dark
Snatched From Heaven
City After Dark
It was a Dream
Batch ’81
Working Girls
The T-Bird and Me
Sister Stella L.
Joyful Mystery
Silip: Daughters of Eve
Macho Dancer
Miguelito: The Child Rebel
Shake, Rattle & Roll
The Prolonged Sorrow of the Filipinos

List of  Top Philippines Movies continues…

The Inmate
Woman of Breakwater
The Bet Collector
The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros
Our Daily Bread
On the North Diversion Road
Shake, Rattle & Roll
The Teacher
Brillante Mendoza
Midnight Dancers
Evolution of a Filipino Family
All Be Damned
Bayaning Third World
Dekada ’70
Burlesk King
Midnight Dancers
Hesus the Revolutionary
he Island at the End of the World
Batang West Side
Woman by the Window
The Masseur

With a great lap in year the 1990’s were considered as being luckier for the Philippines movies with its massacre movies, romantic comedies and teen oriented movies. Philippines movies industry overshadowed itself by being the oldest film industry in the Southeast Asia. The 21st century brought luck for the cinema and independent filmmaking were being produced and international recognition and fame was back again.

List of Top Philippines Horror Movies

  • Tiyananks
  • Patient X
  • Villa Estrella
  • White Lady
  • Babang Luksa
  • Shake Rattle & Roll
  • Wag Kang Lilingon

With movies having English titles, the Philippines movies tried to outreach the desired audience with movies like ‘You Changed My Life’ which generated ₱230 million. Though we can say that 2011 has been more fruitful compared many years of Philippines cinema with its movies ranking among the top 3 of the Filipino Film of All Time; Philippines cinema has achieved its ‘golden era’ really in the 21st century.  Thanks for being with us, enjoy the list of philippines  movies.

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