Top Russian Songs 2015 – Best Russian Folk Music List

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Top Russian Songs List

Russia is a country in eastern Europe and northern and western Asia. In the past the term referred to the Russian Empire, a state that included several republics that are now independent. Russia was also the largest part of the former Soviet Union. The language used there is Russian, the currency Ruble and the capital Moscow.

Top Russian Songs list 2015

Music of Russia stands for the music by the Russians and/or produced in Russia . Russia is a large and country which is culturally diverse. It has many ethnic groups, all of which are with their own music which is locally developed. Russian music also comprises of important contributions from ethnic minorities like the Jewish, Romani, Ukrainians and others who populated the Soviet Union, the Russian Empire and modern day Russia.

List of Top Russian Songs – Best Songs list

Lyubov soshla na rozhdestvo
Rozhdestvenskoi elkoi hotel by ya stat
Pridite k Iisusu
Slyshish li chto slyshu ya
Radostno, radostno
Rozhdestvenskii zvon
Rozhdestvenskaya svecha
Prosnis, zemlya
Kto Iisus
On lyubov nam vsem prines
Iisus nash spasitel
Vsyudu slavyat rozhdestvo
Tam rozhden mladenets
A Smiling Face
We Can Get Along
Helpful Habits
Little Creatures
We All Make Mistakes

List of  Top Russian Songs continues…

Rain Song
Eto Nebesa
Lyubyashii ispolnil zakon
IIsus – eto svet
Ot 666 Otkazhis
Katya Ne Khodi
Osobennyie Vechera
20 Minut Do Kontsa
Pochemu ty plachesh
On Skoro Pridet
Zelenaya Dver
Zhizn Mne Podari
Naibolshaya zapoved
Plody Duha
Ya Rodilsya Vnov
Vstante, siyaite
Svetom fakelov t’mu ozarite
Bog sotvoril
Mladenets v korzinkeMoi naveki drug
Kogda Iisus mal’chishroi by’l
Dolzhno vam roditsya vnov
On spas nas

List of  Top Russian Songs continues…

Zolotoe pravilo
Verui i spaseshsya
Ya dayu im zhizn vechnuyu
Proschaite drug druga
Verui v Gospoda
Reki vody zhivoi
Blagoi dar
V poslednie dni
Bog est’ lubov
Chudesa Iisusa
Ibo tak vozlyubil Bog mir
Voidi v moyo serdtse Iisus
Bozhim rebenkom stan’
Uslysh golos moi
Vse sogreshili
Chada bozhii
Sila Svyatogo Duha
Bozhii dar
Lyubi blizhnego
V nachale bylo slovo
Novaya zapoved
Dobrye slova

Russian music also comprises of a variety of styles ranging from sacred music of the Russian orthodox church to ritual folk song and it also includes the legacy of various major 19th century romantic and classical composers. Various forms of popular music as well as major contributions by 20th century Soviet composers also form part of the make-up of Russian music.

Top Russian songs include ‘Kalinka’ by Helmut Lotti and Wim Bohets, ‘The Flight Of The Bumble Bee’ is, a musical picture for orchestra by Nikolai Rimsky Korsakov and by Mikhail Glinka. Russian folk songs include ‘Eh, Ukhnyem (Song Of The Volga Boatmen’ which is a folk song by Russian Traditional, ‘Kamrainskaya’ which is Russian Traditional folk song.

Best Russian songs are not only liked by the Russians but from people all over the world. Famous Russian songs are both slow and fast and you can choose among a large variety of popular Russian songs. You can find free Russian songs from various websites.

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